Red Clover Tincture – prevent recurrence of cancer, protects liver and lungs


Organically Grown and Hand Picked – infused in Vodka. Tincture is in a blue glass bottle with an eye dropper applicator – 30ml



Internally: alkalinizes, builds blood; helps prevent the recurrence of cancer, protects liver and lungs, improves appetite, relieves constipation, eases anxiety; relieves symptoms of menopause, increases fertility.
Red clover (legume family) shares with its sisters, lentil and astragalus, the ability to repair damaged DNA, turn off oncogenes, and reverse both pre-cancers and in situ cancers. According to J. Hartwell, author of Plants Used Against Cancer, medical literature has reported and confirmed hundreds of cases of remission of cancer after consistent use of red clover.


Bartram’s Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine Page 366-367

Action: deobstruent, antispasmodic, alterative, sedative, expectorant, midl stimulating and relaxing alterative with affinity for throat and salivary glands. Anti-inflammatory. Reputed anti-neoplastic for reduction of tumours and hard swellings, especially of ovaries and breast. as a drink for cleansing the lymphatic vessels through which cancer is believed to spread.