Pain Away – Arnica & Mugwort Oil – Anti-inflammatory, Arthritic pain, sore muscles, and for relief from bruising.




Arnica and Mugwort Oil infused in fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT)  30 mL


Mugwort Herb is a topical anesthetic with antibacterial & anti-fungal properties and also releases pain from tight and sore parts of your body. .


Arnica Herb is for bruising, inflammation, sprains, rheumatic muscle pains.


Arnica Herb – for relief from bruising, anti-inflammatory,  soothes sprains and rheumatic muscle pains.



Mugwort Herb – releases pain from tight and sore parts of your body to allow the body to heal.


I am an Intuitive Healer and The Mugwort told me, “that it relaxes the area where the pain and discomfort is and this allows the pain to be released”.


A testimonial from a user of Mugwort:
“I have scoliosis in my spine.  I use Mugwort each night at bed time. I massage the oil onto my lower, painful back. The Mugwort Oil relaxes my back and it takes the edge off the pain and allows me to fall asleep.”