Calming – Motherwort Tincture – Calming and gentleness


Organically Grown & Hand-Picked – infused in Vodka. Tincture is in a blue glass bottle with an eye dropper applicator – 30ml



Motherwort is the Mother of herbs. It will calm and sooth the soul who takes it. It comes when there are ruff times and is smooths and calms the stressed person. Calming and gentleness is the word of the day for Motherwort. Feel the calming and strength of it wholeness.



Used for: promote blood circulation, heart problems and arteriosclerosis, nervousness and insomnia, suppressed menstruation.

It is a good heart tonic. It promotes blood circulation, helps to remove arteriosclerosis and dissolve blood clots, and resultant symptoms of heart dysfunction including angina, palpitations and heart neuralgia.

Because it has nervine properties, it is good for treating various neurotic conditions as well as hysteria, convulsions and insomnia.

avoid internal use during pregnancy.


The way of Herbs, Michael Tierra page 158-159
– energy and flavours: bitter, spicy, slightly cold
– systems affected: Liver and Pericardium (the membrane enclosing the heart, consisting of an outer fibrous layer and an inner double layer of serous membrane.)
Properties: emmenagogue, cardiac tonic, antispasmodic, nervine, diuretic, carminative