Healing Damage Skin – Lavender & Comfrey Oil – soothes, supports healing of skin conditions


Comfrey encourages cells to divide at an increased rate, thus healing bones and wounds more quickly.

Comfrey may be used topically — as a salve or poultice — on cuts, bruises, abrasions, and burns.
Lavender has the strength to quieten and relax the skin. It works together with the Comfrey to soothe and heal.  Great for dry chapped skin.

My dog loves it when I massage it into his dry, damaged skin. I have a rescued standard Poodle – when he arrived at our home, he had large patches of  dry damaged patches skin where new coat was growing in. I have massages this oil into his skin. The new coat is coming back and the oil is nourishing and healing it.  He also love to lick it off my hands.



Comfrey and Lavender Oil – Infused in Grape Seed Oil – 30 Ml and 10 Ml Roller Bottles, 30 Ml Dropper Bottles and Pour Spouts Bottles. I will make personal salves you also.

A new customer chose this Oil to heal the Eczema on her hands.


Additional information

Weight 30 g
Tincture Bottle size & type

Eye Dropper Applicator (glass bottle) – 30ml, Large Roller top (glass bottle) – 30 ml, Small Roller top (glass bottle) – 10 ml, Squeeze Top Applicator (plastic bottle) – 30ml