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Jul 20 - Nutritional Herbal Infusion

Nutritional Herbal Infusion Last week I completed 26 days preparing and drinking a daily Nutritional Herbal Infusion. Each night I would choose one of the following herbs to make a Nutritional Herbal Infusion: Stinging Nettle, Red Clover, Oat Straw, Comfrey Leaves, and Alfalfa. I was interested in trying this Nutritional Herbal Infusion after watching a […]

Jul 04 - Moth Repellent

Moth repellent Something new for you from EudoraLynn’s Healing Herbs. In the past two weeks people have been asking for something to discourage moths. I have researched this and I have put together a Moth Repellent package. The herbs would be: Vanilla Leaf Lemon Balm Lavender I would tie these together (3 sprigs of each […]

Jun 27 - A Herbal Walk With Georgina Cyr

Hi friends, My dear friend Georgina Cyr is hosting a Herbal Walk in Port Alberni tonight. She wrote piece on her Facebook page and she has given me permission to share it with you. I love her detailed description of the herbs they will discover on the walk tonight and their medicinal properties. I will […]

Jun 22 - Comfrey Oil Poultice

How to make a Comfrey oil poultice using one of my infused oils. Poultices can be used to draw infection, treat boils and abscesses. They can also be used to draw the poison from a bee sting. The other day I developed an abscess on my ear lobe. It was where my pierced earring would […]

Jun 03 - Stinging Nettles

Stinging Nettle – one of my favourite spring tonics.  I have packaged some Stinging Tea in 40 grams bags. I have just added this tea to my Product page. Please check it out. If you’re interested in purchasing this product as a tea you can do that here Here are some of the benefits […]

Jan 31 - What to Expect from EudoraLynn’s Healing Ways

I’ve really enjoy devoting my time to my plants and herbs, it’s such a treat.  I feel blessed to be able to share my awareness and love for plants and herbs with you.  I’m looking forward to using this article area to teach you more about what I’m learning, share with you the different markets […]