Testimonials for Lynn Moore

It is a true joy to be able to bring healing to so many in such a natural and organic way, and to hear their stories about how the healing occurs. These testimonials add so much purpose to what I do. With that in mind, I want to share some of these stories with you.

Do you have a story that you would like to share with me? I would love to hear it, be sure to contact me 

Hi Lynn I just wanted to let you know that I had bronchitis and then it turned into pneumonia …so I started making a steeped Stinging Nettle tea and would leave it over night to help with my lungs, I drank it every day for 2 weeks:
– the respiratory system nettles helps clear catarrhal congestion. The seeds are an excellent lung astringent, particularly useful for bronchitis, tuberculosis, and consumption. 🙂 just another thing Stinging Nettles does and there are so many other benefits!!

Deborah Nugent

Lynn has a deep and instant connection to plants and to her spirit. Her psychic guidance and her products are deeply penetrating, and transmit the strength of this connection as powerful medicine.

Daniel Tsukayama

Lynn Moore is not only a qualified Herbalist but with her gifts of intuition and channeling Lynn has taken her products to another level. All the products that are created are done by the information that the plant themselves share with her. For some this may be a concept that is challenging to understand and possibly accept. That being said, I have personally used her products and have had very positive results.

Lemon Balm Self Heal Salve – Very impressive results regarding Genital Herpes. I have tried quite a few products over the years but by far this is one that relieves the pain very quickly and effectively. This ointment is one that I will always have on hand.

7 Flower Power Tincture Spray – I love this Tincture and use it when I’m feeling stressed. I carry it in my purse and spray in my mouth and within a short period of time I can feel the calming effect.

~ KM

I wanted to say thank you for suggesting I try the Mugwort Oil for my sore fingers and wrists. The doctor said I had osteoarthritis and I could expect it to be something like a volcano, quiet for a while, then flaring up. I don’t know what causes the flare ups, but when they occur, I apply the Mugwort Oil.  I use both the roll-on and spray tincture and find with two or three applications the effect lasts over several days. That’s remarkable isn’t it?

~ Gerry

Hi Lynn,

I received the reading. Thank you very much.

It was very interesting actually because I have been battling a cough and phlegm for weeks now so the chest component resonated with me. I found your jaw comment extra interesting because I have struggled with jaw pain and locking for some time now due to stress. Insightful little Mugwort Oil !! 🙂

I have massaged the Mugwort Oil onto my upper chest as mentioned in your reading. Thank you again. I had never heard of a plant energy reading prior to this. I’ll check back with your website later once it’s up and running. Hopefully you will feel open to speak about how you got into doing such a thing. I’m interested!

All the best and thank you again.

~ Susan

I was fortunate to be connected with Lynn at a women’s retreat weekend in September 2016.  I took home with me a bottle of Mugwort tincture spray that Lynn had made.  I also had a reading done by Lynn where she connected with this beautiful plant and I was deeply touched by what she had to say.  I used the spray for a rash and it was the only thing that cleared it up!  Made with love and free from chemicals is the only items I use and I am so happy to have been connected with Lynn and her amazing healing plant tinctures!! Thank you Lynn!!!

~ Tamara Frosty