Wildcrafting Plants and Herbs for Health and Healing

BorageEudoraLynn’s Healing Herbs is a tradition that was passed down to me, Lynn Moore, from my great-grandmother Emma Eudora.  She was a herbalist who spoke to me in a special vision telling me “it is time you learned the properties of plants.”  From that I’ve followed my own journey that has lead me to wildcrafting plants and herbs for health and healing.  The various products that have come from my journey I now am thrilled to share with you. I have come up with some proven combinations that have made a difference in many lives, and those are shown on my products page, but I still speak with the plants regularly and find a special calling in creating perfect combinations specific for someone’s needs, so please do not hesitate to reach out to me for those needs as well.

What is Wildcrafting?

Wildcrafted and/or organic signify that the herb was collected or grown with conscious awareness of the plant’s life cycle.  It was picked according to the seasons, at the right time of day and dried in the best drying conditions.  it implies a certain conscious responsibility to the environment and the non use of chemical fertilizers or sprays.