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Jul 20 - Nutritional Herbal Infusion

Nutritional Herbal Infusion Last week I completed 26 days preparing and drinking a daily Nutritional Herbal Infusion. Each night I would choose one of the following herbs to make a Nutritional Herbal Infusion: Stinging Nettle, Red Clover, Oat Straw, Comfrey Leaves, and Alfalfa. I was interested in trying this Nutritional Herbal Infusion after watching a […]

Jul 04 - Moth Repellent

Moth repellent Something new for you from EudoraLynn’s Healing Herbs. In the past two weeks people have been asking for something to discourage moths. I have researched this and I have put together a Moth Repellent package. The herbs would be: Vanilla Leaf Lemon Balm Lavender I would tie these together (3 sprigs of each […]