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Jun 27 - A Herbal Walk With Georgina Cyr

Hi friends, My dear friend Georgina Cyr is hosting a Herbal Walk in Port Alberni tonight. She wrote piece on her Facebook page and she has given me permission to share it with you. I love her detailed description of the herbs they will discover on the walk tonight and their medicinal properties. I will […]

Jun 22 - Comfrey Oil Poultice

How to make a Comfrey oil poultice using one of my infused oils. Poultices can be used to draw infection, treat boils and abscesses. They can also be used to draw the poison from a bee sting. The other day I developed an abscess on my ear lobe. It was where my pierced earring would […]

Jun 03 - Stinging Nettles

Stinging Nettle – one of my favourite spring tonics.¬† I have packaged some Stinging Tea in 40 grams bags. I have just added this tea to my Product page. Please check it out. If you’re interested in purchasing this product as a tea you can do that here Here are some of the benefits […]