This one is for you! We are making specialty products with you in mind.

I am an intuitive healer and Reiki Master supporting the body’s healing energy. I intuitively connect with each person who needs my help and products and choose herbs specifically for them. I make topical oils and tinctures for each client.

Reserve a one hour phone or office visit to receive an intuitive reading and healing energy work by contacting Lynn.

Cost:  $75.00


We can make custom products for you or you can choose from our popular products that we have prepared already.


Aja the Deity

Aja (Orisha) Worshiped by the Yoruba people.

Aja is the Deity that holds the energy of the plants for Lynn. Aja is the spirit of the forest, the animals with it and herbal healers, whom she taught their art.. (Arabian mythology)

She teaches the medicinal use of herbs to the mortal race.


The products that I offer are wildcrafted and fully organic and in combinations that have been proven to make a difference. From teas to tinctures, oils to balms, custom products too. Have a look at what products I offer.

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It's been a true blessing getting to work with my plants and herbs and share that with others. Seeing the healing it can bring and improvement in quality of life is a true joy. That is what leads me to the services I offer.

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